Advocate fees


The remuneration for our legal services is based on Ministry of Justice Ordinance No. 655/2004 Coll. on remuneration and compensation of advocates for providing legal services.

The remuneration can be as follows:

1. hourly fee - based on number of hours sensibly  spent on solving the case (in common cases 50 EUR/hour),

2. flat fee - for providing legal services during certain period or for completion of a case (e.g. drafting a  purchase contract inclusive proposal to Real estate Cadastre 150 EUR,  foundation of a limited liability company  from 399 EUR),

3. share fee - set as a share of a case value when successful in a lawsuit (5-20 %),

4. tariff fee - according to the number of acts of legal service and value of the case (e.g. divorce case from 130 EUR/act),

5. combined fee - a combination of 1. - 4.


 For reasons of clarity we mostly prefer the tariff fee, what means the Client pays for the acts of legal services actually performed.

In case of tariff remuneration we can provide with respect to social and financial situation of a Client a discount up to 50 % of the remuneration according to the Ordinance.

In case of long-time cooperation it is possible to agree upon more favourable remuneration.


JUDr. Miloš Chrenko is not VAT payer and the price agreed is final.