Legal services


Law office of JUDr. Miloš Chrenko specializes on fields of Civil Law, especially Property Law and Real Estate Law and on the area of Commercial Law.


Civil Law:

- drafting of contracts (purchase, donation and other contracts), composing deeds on legal acts,

- authorization of contracts on transfer of real estates,

- claiming Client´s rights in courts of law and representing Clients in the proceedings,

- property dispute resolution,

- comprehensive legal services with transfer, passage and lease of real estate,

- legal advising to developers with building construction,

- protection of individuality rights,

- enforcement of claims arising from civil law contracts (contract duties performance) and from liability relations (compensation of damages, unjust enrichment),

- representation at court and out-of-court execution of judicial decisions;


Commercial Law:
- comprehensive legal services with foundation and establishment of business entities, transfers of business shares, corporate agenda, representation in the proceeding in the Registry Courts and trade licensing authorities,

- conversion of company´s registered capital to Euro,
- drafting of business contracts and other business law agreements,
- claiming Client´s rights arising from business relations at courts and representing Clients in court proceedings,
- enforcing business claims in execution proceedings;


Family Law:

- alimony claims,

- representing in divorce proceeding,

- representing in proceeding regarding rights and duties towards children,

- legal aid with settlement of community property of spouses;


Land Law:

- claiming rights of landowners against holders (the state, cooperatives),

- restitution claims of former land owners,

- legal aid with neighbour´s  disputes;


Law of Inheritance:
- drafting of testaments and disinheritance deeds,
- representing inheritors and creditors in probate proceedings;

Constitutional Law and International Law:
- drafting of constitutional claims (right for speedy and fair trial, right to own property) and representing in constitutional proceeding before Constitutional court,

- claims to European Court of Human Rights;


 Criminal Llaw:
- drafting of notifications and reports of thee commission of a crime ,
- defence of accused in preliminary criminal proceeding, defence of defendants in court proceeding, motions to conditional release (parole),
- claiming rights of injured parties;


Labour Law:
- representing employees in relations and negotiations with employers (invalidity of employment termination, wage claims),
- injury compensation claims (including working injuries),
- drafting of labour law deeds and documents (notice, immediate termination of employment contract, agreements);


Administrative Law:
- representing in administrative proceedings, representing in hearings af an administrative infraction, other legal counselling.

Arbitration Court

JUDr. Miloš Chrenko is an arbitrator of Slovak Permanent Arbitration Court.

Arbitration Court is a non-state judicial body resolving disputes arising from domastic and international business and civil relations, acting and deciding quicker and cheaper than state courts. More about Slovak Permanent Arbitration Court see on